Co-boating project / Days 8 & 9 - Eolie mon amour

Co-boating project / Days 8 & 9 - Eolie mon amour

Saturday 2 october

We arrived in Ginostra, on Stromboli Island, yesterday in the afternoon. We deserved a half-day break on the land after the 18 hours of sailing from Costiera to here. We loved the place so much that we stopped there the day after as well, working with our laptops from this terrace with a stunning view:

Vista da Ginostra

Ginostra is a charming and relaxing place. We spent all the morning working really productively with a dark blue panorama in front of our eyes.

Back on the boat, we enjoyed a unique experience: having lunch while admiring volcano activities, especially the rocks sliding down from the top direclty to the sea. Tis was a unique show! In the afternoon we visited Strombolicchio, a tiny volcanic island with a high rock side. And this is the view from the top:

La barca vista da Strombolicchio

After this we spent some hours working or having fun in the water, then we come back to Stromboli where we had dinner and later we enjoyed a sky full of falling stars... 

Sunday 2 October

Today's destination was Panare. In the morning we arrived a Lisca Bianca to have a breakfast, then we spent the night on the land again, as some of use needed to work some hours. In the afternoon we sailed around the island to have last swims before coming back, as tomorrow will be the last day of this adventure.  As s last present we were offered this stunning show prepared by some dolphins...


October 02, 2016 by Ana Carolina Massaro
Co-Boating Project / Days 6 & 7 - From Costiera to Stromboli

Co-Boating Project / Days 6 & 7 - From Costiera to Stromboli

Tuesday 29 September

We are in Costiera Amalfitana, one of the most spectacular places in the World. This is the meaning of the Co-Boating experience: being able to work in fantastic places, often reserved just to those coming from the sea. Just like the Grotta dello Smeraldo, for example. A magical place where the pale light coming from the exterior gives to the water a unique color. A picture is not enough to explain this but I will try to show you, anyway:

Grotta dello Smeraldo

Lunch has been special as well. We have been to Adolfo, one of the most famous typical restaurants of the whole Costiera Amalfitana. Here we tasted the best fish of the area in a cheerful atmosphere. 

Da Adolfo ristorante

After that we moved to Amalfi, the tiny pearl which gives his name to these enchanted shores. After dinner we got back to the boat to start the last and longest sailing: we are 18 hours far from Eolie Archipelago!

Friday 30 September

During the long night sailing I try to recall all the emotions and curiosities you can live on a sailing boat:

  • When you get used to the flattering movement on the boat, it does not give you any seasickness. But when you get off the boat, you keep feeling as you are flattering around. Weird. 
  • The water we used for the shower is taken directly from the sea and then filtered. 
  • When no one is on the boat we keep lights and music on just to be sure nobody will steal it :) 
  • When getting closed to harbours, all boats with sails have the priority over all other ships. 

The night and the following morning have passed by without any hiccup. Around midday Stromboli gave us a warm welcome: 


September 30, 2016 by Alberto Bianchi
Co-boating project / Days 4 & 5 - Ischia & Positano

Co-boating project / Days 4 & 5 - Ischia & Positano

Tuesday 27 September

Sailing is fascinating and kinda romantic. But sometimes the recall from mainland is too strong. That's why we spent our second day in Ischia with our feet strongly on the ground, as we also need to buy some food for the rest of the trip. The island is well furbished, as seen from this picture: 

Mercato frutta e verdura Ischia

I shipped some other jewels I worked on in these days from the Forio d'Ischia postal office. We then spent the rest of the morning working on the beach while the afternoon was completely dedicated to a relaxing activity in a very special place: the natural thermal source of Sorgeto. It's a place where you can literally have a bath in a totally natural pool with a water temperature of 90°C, just few meters from the sea. 

In the late afternoon we came back to the ship. Tomorrow we leave from here: next destination, Positano! 


Wednesday 28 Semptember

During the sail towards Positano I had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with my co-workers (well, I should call them co-boaters). Both creatives as me - but in different fields - they have inspired me with their insights taken by their professional backgrounds and given some cool ideas for the future development of DreamCatcher Lab. 

Besides me and Luca, founder of Intersailclub and promoter of this Co-Boating project, on board there are Federica, an art director working for an important communication agency in Rome and Paolo, a brilliant interior designer based in Milan. The great thing of this project is that we are not just working together but living together in a relatively small space. It's a cool experience, especially for those who look for an insolite way to create personal - and not just professional - relationships. 

While chatting and exchanging our views, Positano apears at the horizon. Tonight we'll go to the city to enjoy the panorama. See you tomorrow! 

September 28, 2016 by Ana Carolina Massaro
Co-Boating project / Day 3 - Ischia

Co-Boating project / Day 3 - Ischia

La nostra barca vista dalla spiaggia di Citara

Our third day of sailing ends with this astonishing sunset from the Citara beach while we are coming back to the ship. We spent our day on the mainland of the island of Ischia.

Today I have completed some items and shipped them to clients who bought in the last days. Do not worry everybody, your parcels left today with no issues and will be delivered soon to their destinations!

There would be many things to tell you but just let me describe some notable moments: 

  • I tried some things I have never experienced before, such as making a shower (you can't imagine how acrobatic moves are needed to do it in a proper way!) and feeling sick last night due to the rough water, or using the Tender to go out at night. How many things happen on a sailing boat, uh?
  • While we were dining with the last pale sunset lighting up the sea we noticed a group of yellowfin tunas going fast up and down the water. They were so big that for a moment we thought they were dolphins.

The rest of the day went a way very calmly: we worked for some hours and then we spent some time relaxing at the Poseidon spa. This way the seasickness of yesterday night became just a far memory. See you tomorrow for a new update! 

Coboating crew

September 26, 2016 by Ana Carolina Massaro
Co-Boating Project / Day 2 - from Sorrento to Capri

Co-Boating Project / Day 2 - from Sorrento to Capri

Il Vesuvio visto dal mare

After the first sail from Naples to Sorrento, today we headed towards the famous island of Capri. Breathtaking panoramas of the Mount Vesuvius and of the Sorrento coast alternate with the deep blue below us and the light blu above us. It is just a perfect day, sunny and windy!

On board time flows slowly, making us enjoying every single moment of this adventure with ease. We almost forget that we are on this boat basically because we have to work. In fact, Co-boating spirit is exactly that of changing everyday routine and discover a new way to do a job. But today is Sunday and we are into a lazy atmosphere. And also, are you able to work even in front of this:


Faraglioni di Capri

We spent the day around the island, looking for the most relaxing spots where enjoying this peaceful day and try at least to schedule all the working activities from the next days. I am finishing some orders to ship in the next days (probably tomorrow from Ischia) and then I will start designing a new collection of jewels. I feel so inspired by this project and I am really excited to bring all the ideas in my head into reality.

Meanwhile here you can see me while trying to set a detailed plan of all the things to do:  

Lavorare lavorare lavorare... preferisco il rumore del mare

In the late afternoon Luca, founder @Intersailclub, tells us it is time to leave towards the island of Ischia. Our trip goes on, see you tomorrow for the next update! 

Scorcio della barca a vela

September 25, 2016 by Ana Carolina Massaro
DreamCatcher Lab jumps on board of the first Co-Boating Project!

DreamCatcher Lab jumps on board of the first Co-Boating Project!

IntersailClub, is about to launch the first project of Co-Working on boat named the Co-Boating, which is the newest concept of travelling while working. A concept that emerges from the need to match working with nomad life.

DreamCather Lab is honored to have been chosen to be on board as a testimonial for the first Pilot Project, working and traveling at the same time. IntersailClub will be offering the possibility to work and have fun, while interacting with other professionals from different fields. Obviating the routine limits to be always in contact with nature, which match perfectly with the always research for inspiration and new treasures from nature of DreamCatcherLab.

Having 24h network connection and the possibility to design jewelry with the new materials on board marries perfectly with the philosophy of this e-commerce.

Don't Panic, all your orders and custom requests will be shipped while traveling, as every now and then we'll be docking.

Follow this project day by day. We are leaving today from Naples, Italy, directed to Sorrento, Capri then south to the Aeolian Islands. Here you can find all details of this first cruise and get into the mood.

Want to jump on board for next dates? New cruises are about to come and we are really looking forward to meeting other professionals in our community! 

Stay tuned and... see you on Board!

Ana Carolina

Founder & Designer @DreamCacther Lab Ltd.

Who We Are

My name is Ana Carolina, having Italian origins, but growing and living in many different countries, made me think of myself a worldwide citizen which nourishes more than a strong feeling of belonging to somewhere. I consider myself an Internet Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, World Traveller, Food Taste Connoisseur (with a Chef Diploma achieved in Milan), Technology Curious, Photographer, Handcraft passionate, and Jewelry Designer.

This project is the result of a dream, the apex of a very hard work during the past 2 years, and a gift to the passion of “my people”, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible and to whom I’m grateful because they believed in it since the early beginning supporting me in this adventure with true confidence and blind trust.

Alberto, he is literally my “Buddy”: when our career paths divided back in 2011 we promised each other to meet again one day to start something completely ours. Very pragmatic, mastering a quite impressive alternative intelligence, between his Yoga courses and work, Alberto shared his master’s, fatherhood and family‘s precious time with Dreamcatcher Lab. In doing so he demonstrated great time and pressure management skill till the “go-live” and made it possible until the end.

Alberto’s  best gig:Few minutes before the Go Live: - Ana, sorry for the typos I’m writing you with my left hand as the other one is kind of busy coddling my baby “

Marsida,  one of my best friends in life and my "partner in crime”, she is also in this project since the very beginning. She is the kind of person that will clap my successes and laugh wholeheartedly at my falls. I am really grateful to be together in this project. She has been dealing with her MBA, her job (both in different countries), a new house (including a husband J), and even so she always found time for me and this project always with a smile in her face. She helped me a great deal as a friend and most importantly she was there in all my creativity doubts management issues and market analysis. Without her positive and bright attitude everything would have been more difficult.
Marsi’s best Gig: Ana, I found the title for the jewel: Finding Snow white!!- ANA: Marsi, ok I like it very much, but as for the picture, she has a red hood, (just one particular)... That’s the wrong Fairy-tale!! We’re doing Little Red Riding Hood!!”

Matthew, “The last minute hero”, jumped into this project as a temporary collaborator. However, I truthfully believe he became a very important member of the team. I can say, we made it on time for the go - live having all data migration and platform integration for the new website as scheduled only thanks to his tireless contribution. Matt is always a guarantee, always ready to join new adventures, with great enthusiasm, patience, and an incredible sense of creativity. I really hope I would not have to bribe him to stay with Us J!
Matt’s best Gig: Ana, do you want to keep the Pinterest pictures of your website? (?)

Alessia, she is the DreamCatcher Lab Photo-model. It is a real pleasure to work with her. Despite cold, wind and rain, while shooting she never lost her beautiful smile. A smile shining from her bright eyes and her beautiful soul. I am very grateful to her for her kindness and unconditional availability to accommodate all my last minutes requests and difficult tasks. Our jewels couldn’t ask a more beautiful and genuine testimonial!!
Alessia's best Gig: Alessia, we need to quit the photo shooting, the light is awful, I can't make it. - Ana, just put an Instagram filter and everything will be fine! (?)
Finally, I would like to thank all contributors that made this project come to life. Thanks to my closest friends and family for all pieces of advice, bizarre ideas and at most their faith; because without them all of this would be sadly and empty dream.
Ana's best Gig: ANA: Alberto, the banner doesn't match, it is too big! ALBERTO: Ana, are you sure it is 200x1000, ANA: I'm sure, I did it 200cm x1000cm .... .... .....
A special thank you goes to my big sister for always being my “Meridian in Life”. The one who always grabbed my hand and saved me to be here telling you this story! Thanks to all my new friends, all my lucky encounters and my determination, to have made this dream come true.
Welcome all to DreamCatcher Lab!