Co-Boating project / Day 3 - Ischia

La nostra barca vista dalla spiaggia di Citara

Our third day of sailing ends with this astonishing sunset from the Citara beach while we are coming back to the ship. We spent our day on the mainland of the island of Ischia.

Today I have completed some items and shipped them to clients who bought in the last days. Do not worry everybody, your parcels left today with no issues and will be delivered soon to their destinations!

There would be many things to tell you but just let me describe some notable moments: 

  • I tried some things I have never experienced before, such as making a shower (you can't imagine how acrobatic moves are needed to do it in a proper way!) and feeling sick last night due to the rough water, or using the Tender to go out at night. How many things happen on a sailing boat, uh?
  • While we were dining with the last pale sunset lighting up the sea we noticed a group of yellowfin tunas going fast up and down the water. They were so big that for a moment we thought they were dolphins.

The rest of the day went a way very calmly: we worked for some hours and then we spent some time relaxing at the Poseidon spa. This way the seasickness of yesterday night became just a far memory. See you tomorrow for a new update! 

Coboating crew

September 26, 2016 by Ana Carolina Massaro

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