Co-boating project / Days 4 & 5 - Ischia & Positano

Tuesday 27 September

Sailing is fascinating and kinda romantic. But sometimes the recall from mainland is too strong. That's why we spent our second day in Ischia with our feet strongly on the ground, as we also need to buy some food for the rest of the trip. The island is well furbished, as seen from this picture: 

Mercato frutta e verdura Ischia

I shipped some other jewels I worked on in these days from the Forio d'Ischia postal office. We then spent the rest of the morning working on the beach while the afternoon was completely dedicated to a relaxing activity in a very special place: the natural thermal source of Sorgeto. It's a place where you can literally have a bath in a totally natural pool with a water temperature of 90°C, just few meters from the sea. 

In the late afternoon we came back to the ship. Tomorrow we leave from here: next destination, Positano! 


Wednesday 28 Semptember

During the sail towards Positano I had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with my co-workers (well, I should call them co-boaters). Both creatives as me - but in different fields - they have inspired me with their insights taken by their professional backgrounds and given some cool ideas for the future development of DreamCatcher Lab. 

Besides me and Luca, founder of Intersailclub and promoter of this Co-Boating project, on board there are Federica, an art director working for an important communication agency in Rome and Paolo, a brilliant interior designer based in Milan. The great thing of this project is that we are not just working together but living together in a relatively small space. It's a cool experience, especially for those who look for an insolite way to create personal - and not just professional - relationships. 

While chatting and exchanging our views, Positano apears at the horizon. Tonight we'll go to the city to enjoy the panorama. See you tomorrow! 

September 28, 2016 by Ana Carolina Massaro

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