Co-Boating Project / Day 2 - from Sorrento to Capri

Il Vesuvio visto dal mare

After the first sail from Naples to Sorrento, today we headed towards the famous island of Capri. Breathtaking panoramas of the Mount Vesuvius and of the Sorrento coast alternate with the deep blue below us and the light blu above us. It is just a perfect day, sunny and windy!

On board time flows slowly, making us enjoying every single moment of this adventure with ease. We almost forget that we are on this boat basically because we have to work. In fact, Co-boating spirit is exactly that of changing everyday routine and discover a new way to do a job. But today is Sunday and we are into a lazy atmosphere. And also, are you able to work even in front of this:


Faraglioni di Capri

We spent the day around the island, looking for the most relaxing spots where enjoying this peaceful day and try at least to schedule all the working activities from the next days. I am finishing some orders to ship in the next days (probably tomorrow from Ischia) and then I will start designing a new collection of jewels. I feel so inspired by this project and I am really excited to bring all the ideas in my head into reality.

Meanwhile here you can see me while trying to set a detailed plan of all the things to do:  

Lavorare lavorare lavorare... preferisco il rumore del mare

In the late afternoon Luca, founder @Intersailclub, tells us it is time to leave towards the island of Ischia. Our trip goes on, see you tomorrow for the next update! 

Scorcio della barca a vela

September 25, 2016 by Ana Carolina Massaro

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