DreamCatcher Lab jumps on board of the first Co-Boating Project!

DreamCatcher Lab jumps on board of the first Co-Boating Project!

IntersailClub, is about to launch the first project of Co-Working on boat named the Co-Boating, which is the newest concept of travelling while working. A concept that emerges from the need to match working with nomad life.

DreamCather Lab is honored to have been chosen to be on board as a testimonial for the first Pilot Project, working and traveling at the same time. IntersailClub will be offering the possibility to work and have fun, while interacting with other professionals from different fields. Obviating the routine limits to be always in contact with nature, which match perfectly with the always research for inspiration and new treasures from nature of DreamCatcherLab.

Having 24h network connection and the possibility to design jewelry with the new materials on board marries perfectly with the philosophy of this e-commerce.

Don't Panic, all your orders and custom requests will be shipped while traveling, as every now and then we'll be docking.

Follow this project day by day. We are leaving today from Naples, Italy, directed to Sorrento, Capri then south to the Aeolian Islands. Here you can find all details of this first cruise and get into the mood.

Want to jump on board for next dates? New cruises are about to come and we are really looking forward to meeting other professionals in our community! 

Stay tuned and... see you on Board!

Ana Carolina

Founder & Designer @DreamCacther Lab Ltd.