Strass Corsage


Brand DreamCatcherLab

This precious timepiece shining in RoseGold combines elegance with a romantic edge. Choose to shine!

Crystal is glass with lead oxide bonded to the structure. Lead is what gives crystal its weight and sparkle. The more lead, the more light and colors will be reflected. It is what gives crystal its unique light. For glass to be considered crystal it must contain at least 7% lead oxide. Truly good quality crystal contains 24% lead oxide, our crystal contains 30%.

 Rose Gold Plated, length 15-20cm/6"-8", diameter 2,5cm/1"

The crystals have been placed carefully onto the glass, you would be well advised to not to open the pendant. The Item is safely packed in a branded gift box. A certificate of guaranty and authenticity comes along the product, as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth.